Cull in Herefordshire

The government is secretly planning to carry out a full scale badger cull in Herefordshire, possibly using the discredited free-shooting method.  We know that a companyhas been set up specifically to carry out the Herefordhire cull  by shooting. 

We need all the help we can get to stop this inhumane and useless badger massacre from taking place.  If like us you believe that this inhumane and useless slaughter is wrong, please join us and give us your help.

Although the Krebs trials proved that culling badgers does not work, the government is determined to appease the NFU lobby by culling badgers.

The NFU claim the recent Somerset and Gloucester trials have reduced Btb in those areas.  The truth is:


2014 Jan - May 125 new herd incidents 

2015 Jan - May 138 new herd incidents


2013 - 48 new herd incidents

2015 48 new herd incidents (One less inside the cull zone, one more just outside).

The NFU is all about badger culling.  Do you see the NFU call for improved bio-security?  No!  Is the NFU badgering the government for improved cattle testing and movement controls?  No!

The truth is that cattle control measures should be the priority.  Frequent testing, testing before/after movement, bio-security (such as double fencing, water troughs and salt licks  above ground) make a huge difference.  Look at Wales.

In Dorset, where there is no culling, new Herd Incidents have fallen from 74 in 2014 (Jan - May) to only 59 in 2015.  This is the direct result of greatly improved cattle controls.

After the first year of the free shooting trials, the independent review panel reported that the trial had failed on all counts.  It was inhumane, it was ineffective, the numbers fell far short of target.  What did the government do?  It sacked the independent panel.

All the scientific evidence shows that culling does not work.  All the government's advisors are against the cull.

Yet the government continues to spend more and more of our money on a course of action that it knows full well will not work.  It is knowingly and deliberately wasting your money and mine - just to keep the NFU top brass happy.