Current Situation

Currently, thousands of cattle are slaughtered every year (30,000 in 2010) because of bovine tuberculosis (bTB) – an airborne respiratory disease – at enormous cost to farmers and the taxpayer: £100m in 2010. Badgers are often blamed for spreading this disease, although there is no conclusive evidence that badgers pass bTB to cattle, or how, even though there are indications that they can, and vice-versa.

The badger cull pilots undertaken in 2013 in Somerset and Gloucestershire proved a disastrous failure on scientific, economic, animal welfare grounds and following a highly successful anti badger cull campaign by the Badger Trust and other wildlife protection charities, the Coalition Government has decided not to extend badger culling to other parts of the country at this time.

To see the evidence from different sources that show how mistaken culling is, please look at these websites.